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Since 1960, Campolonghi has combined skills and local traditions with the latest technology and machinery to satisfy fully the technical, aesthetic and economic expectations of each customer. As a consultant and specialised partner who works with architects and designers from around the world, Campolonghi is with you every step of the way, from choosing the material to trying it out on the laying surface. This allows you to examine the smallest details of the work you have commissioned before it is shipped.



Campolonghi has several areas for laying out the slabs. They are proper testing rooms in which the work commissioned by the customer can be viewed beforehand. The largest of these, approximately 3500 square metres, is located in Campolonghi’s main office in Montignoso and looks like a huge space entirely dedicated to pre-laying the work. The surface guarantees an unmatched technical and aesthetic effect because it can display the work in its entirety and thus the final effect can be appreciated fully even before it is installed.



The power of water carves, cuts and shapes the material, giving it the form desired in the original plan.



The perfection of the technique is completed by the touch of the craftsman’s hand, which gives splendor to the work. A work becomes unique and elegant in its simplicity; it is the expression of a culture of working with marble that has come from afar and which over time, Campolonghi has wisely made its own.

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